1. Arrangements

Lahemaa Challenge will take on 26th of August 2017. Race center is located in the Võsu borough, Estonia at the local athletic gym.

This event is organised by running club RUNNING100K.

Mass start for all the participants will be give 7:30 AM in the Võsu sport center building.

All the participants must follow instructions from organizers in order to ensure safety. Traffic will not be closed during this event.

There will be aid stations throughout the course providing drinks and snacks.

Three racing categories are:

  • 30KM individual
  • 100KM individual
  • 100KM team relay consisting of  either 3, 4 or 5 members

Time check for 100KM individual and relay are following:

  • 58km 8h.
  • 76km 11h.
  • Finish will be closed at 21:30

Organizers may alter the course length based on changes like weather or similar in order to ensure safety of participants. This also means either adjustements to start time and time checks.

Organizers have right to remove runners from the course if they don’t reach time checks as previously described. Runners who have abandoned race or are withdrawn by organizers will be provided transportation back to finish. Runner who has abandoned race must notify organizers as soon as possible. Organizers might withdraw runners in order to ensure their safety or health.

  1. Participants

All, who are at least 18 years old by the 26th of August can sign up for Lahemaa Challenge. By completing registration participants will confirm that have trained adequately for their selected distance and have completed physical examination. Participants can use hiking poles.

  1. Relay race

100km relay race is team of 3, 4 or 5 runners and can be either male, female or mixed. Relay run consists of 10 exchanges. Team will decide in which order each member will run but depending on the team size, members must run at least minium required exchanges.  However, one member can run all his exchanges in a row or separetely. Exchange between team members will take place in the marked area in the aid station.

  • 5 member team- each 2 legs.
  • 4 member team- 2 members will run 2 legs and 2 members will run 3 legs.
  • 3 member team- 2 members will run 3 legs and one member will run 4 legs.

NB! Relay teams are responsible for organizing their own logistics to next relay station. This means that team should have at least one vehicle to move between relay stations. Next table shows what are the distances for each segment of the race:

change  distance(km)
1 5,9km
2 14,6km
3 7,25km
4 6,8km
5 11km
6 12,5km
7 5,3km
8 13,2km
9 11km
10 12,45km
  1. Registration

Registration for the Lahemaa Challenge 2017 will take place on the event website between 06th of February and 20th of August.

It’s also possible to register after 20th of August but organizers cannot ensure the same giveways as other participants will get.

Ater 20th of August it’s only possible register in the race center from 06:00 AM to 06:45 AM.

Re-registration is possible until 20th of August. By that time the person who originally registered must submit email to organizers. If runner/team doesn’t participate then entry fee is not refunded.

  1. Starting materials

In the morning of the race starting from 06:00 AM materials will be handed out. These are bib number, electrical chip for timing, giveaway, sponsors materials and coupon for post race meal. Runners must attach bib number at the front of their shirt and it must be visible throughout the whole race until finishing.

  1. Timing

Each runner will be guaranteed timing. Runners participating in the relay will have timing applied in the relay exchange corridor that are marked accordingly. Preliminary results will be published 24 hours after last runner has finished.

  1. Rewards

Awards and suprises will be presented to top runners. Rewarding will take place based on finishing times of best runners. Each finisher of 30km and 100km distance will receive finisher medal.

  1. Disqualification

Organizers have right to disqualify runners if they don’t follow race rules, prevent other runners to participate or some other way prevents organizers to carry out their assignments. It’s prohibited to leave your trash, used cans or bottles and gel packages on the trail. Each aid station will have proper trash bins for that.

Aeg: 26.08.2017
Koht: Võsu, Lääne-Virumaa
  • teatejooks 100km
  • individuaal 100km
  • individuaal 30km
  • Email: lahemaa[@]
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